Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Hunt for Dual Power!

Cait and I both love Spray and Wash Dual Power stain remover. Works great. Just squeeze it on to the spot and wash as normal. Considering the abnormal amount of stains Cait has to remove from EVERY shirt she EVER wears, she has become a stain product connoisseur and removal expert. She just managed to get mustard off my brand new white sweater.
Well, we are having trouble finding this magic product. It's not at the grocery store anymore. Cait emailed "Spray and Wash" and they even replied. (I kind of wonder how those green bottles manage to type...ha ha) They say it's still out there but in limited distribution. So, we need your help. Can you help us find Spray & Wash Dual Power? If you can tell us where to find it, we will buy you a bottle as well.
Good hunting!


  1. Can't help you with the Spray & Wash, but I use a cleaning product called Awesome and can only find it at the Dollar Store. It's not a spot remover.

  2. Donna,

    I just Googled Awesome Cleaner. They sound really great. I like that they are environmentally safe. I clicked on their product info link and just about fell off my chair laughing. They seem to be developing an environmentally friendly Awesome Horse Face Wipe. Not having horses...I'm wasn't aware that the world needed an Awesome Horse Face Wipe. Very funny.... I wonder if they will sell this at the Dollar Store as well.

  3. I love how you find the humor is almost everything. The Awesome Horse Face Wipe....priceless. I guess your horse is a tidy eater and that's why your weren't aware of the need for them.

  4. Good one Donna! Naturally, I would only have a tidy horse. (I keep picturing a horse sitting on a chair with legs crossed, drinking a cup of tea.)

  5. You can find it on Amazon still. I use this and it is the only thing that works on my little girls clothes. I have been out for a little while now while I searched and the stains on her clothes will not come out with anything else. Hope you find some as I agree it is the most awesome stuff. Wonder why it is not widely avalible anymore?