Friday, June 12, 2009

Welcome Home Kelly Belly

Look at this adorable little peanut. Granted this picture is probably 20+ years old, but she is still an adorable little peanut. This is my cousin (feels more like a niece) Kelly and she just completed her 6 year stint with the Navy. Her last deployment was in Iraq and we are all so glad she back in the good old USA.

Kelly - Best wished to you and Zoli as you start your new life together. We love you.


  1. Thanks for the tip on is definitely my favorite summer show ever!!! :) I will give that site a try that you recommended.

  2. Linda you are the best! Thanks for all the well wishes and I love the blog!!! It'll be great to keep up with you guys! I really want to get to Michigan so that everyone can meet Zoli at some point. Maybe once he finishes school when we move again. Love you tons and give everyone a big hug and kiss for me! - Kelly