Friday, June 12, 2009

Welcome Home Kelly Belly

Look at this adorable little peanut. Granted this picture is probably 20+ years old, but she is still an adorable little peanut. This is my cousin (feels more like a niece) Kelly and she just completed her 6 year stint with the Navy. Her last deployment was in Iraq and we are all so glad she back in the good old USA.

Kelly - Best wished to you and Zoli as you start your new life together. We love you.


  1. Thanks for the tip on is definitely my favorite summer show ever!!! :) I will give that site a try that you recommended.

  2. People like your peanut are a big part of what makes this a great country. I'm sick to death of people who do nothing but criticize the United State of America. God bless her and Zoli in their new life.

  3. Linda you are the best! Thanks for all the well wishes and I love the blog!!! It'll be great to keep up with you guys! I really want to get to Michigan so that everyone can meet Zoli at some point. Maybe once he finishes school when we move again. Love you tons and give everyone a big hug and kiss for me! - Kelly