Thursday, June 11, 2009

Until You've Walked in My Shoes....

Did I happen to tell you that last Thursday I wore two different shoes to work? On top of that, no one noticed. Heck, I didn't even notice until I took them off. I am either:
  • Getting old and mentally losing it
  • Under too much stress
  • Way to distracted

Or my closet is so a complete, disorganized mess.

Maybe, it's all of the above. Ugh!


  1. Not sure what this says about you, your co-workers or your closet. If if makes you feel better, my closet scares me!

  2. OMG Linda - that is awesome - I did it all the time - I had a horrible habit of buying black and blue shoes that were the same style. Better yet I had a couple of black/blue pant suits and messed them up too - I decided that I shouldn't do that anymore

  3. sounds like something I would do. thanks for visiting my blog!