Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Testing the Opening of a New Window

The is a test of how to get a URL link to open in a new window. Normally, when you add a link to your post and a reader clicks on it, they are taken to the new site...away from yours.

Here is a friend's website. Go ahead, click on it. See how it opens in a new window. Now I won't lose readers when I add a link to one of my posts. (When you only have 8 can't afford to lose a single one!)

I've been trying to do this for week's and finally figured it out. I'm so excited. Nerd joy!


  1. Please, don't lose us. It would make us feel unloved. So, how is it that you figured out how to have a new window open for the URL link? So smart over there in MI.

  2. Donna,

    I just kept looking in the Blogger Help Forum. If you are ever interested in the process and can explain it to you.