Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Up Movie Review

Grade: A+

We saw the new Pixar movie UP on Saturday evening, in 3D no less. What a wonderful movie. It's a sweet, sweet story with great characters and the visuals are stunning. So real. The 3D aspect was truly amazing. They are getting so good at the 3D effects, that it's well worth wearing the ridiculous glasses.

This is the story of charming older gentleman's last effort to have a special adventure in his life. Along the way, he's joined be a young wilderness explorer, a talking dog and a bird named Kevin. There's an exciting and scary climax with the movie's villain that left me jumping in my seat. There were a couple of pretty scary dog characters, so I'm not sure if RJ is ready to see this (or maybe he is, after all Darth Maul is his favorite Star Wars character). I highly recommend this movie if you haven't seen it yet.

Would love to hear from someone who's already seen this as I am wondering if anyone else thought the character of Muntz, looked exactly like Kirk Douglas.


  1. Now that you mention it, Muntz resembles Kirk. (Kirk and I are on a first name basis!) I also saw "UP" in 3D and loved it. The balloons kept me spellbound because it made me think of my hot-air balloon ride I took when I turned 50. His multiple helium balloons would have been even better because it wouldn't get so hot. And yes...I believe that the Emerald City is a real place, too.

  2. I have seen UP and haven't even heard of it...I'm a total dud in the movie department. May make the effort to see this one with Phillip. Thanks for the recommendation.