Monday, June 29, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Movie Review

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Grade: B

We finally got a chance to see the new Transformers movie on Saturday evening. I really enjoyed it and and thought the one review I read, in People, was a little harsh. Sure there were times I wasn't sure which robot was which but overall I certainly understood the good guys from the bad guys. (Bad robots have red eyes.)

I was glad to see the return of many of the original cast especially Josh Duhamel as Major Lennox and John Turtorro as Agent Simmons. They also added some fun comic relief in the character of Leo Spitz, who plays Sam's new college roommate who gets dragged along on the latest fight against the Decepticons.

This chapter in the Transformers saga has the Decepticons returning to Earth to kidnap Sam and extract important ancient codes implanted in his brain. Sam is joined in this battle as usual, by the ever impressive Omptimus Prime and his particularly full lipped girlfriend Mikaela (Megan Fox).

My only real gripe with the movie is that Megan poses and pouts her way through the film looking more like she's on the cover of Maxim, then in the middle of a battle for the fate of the world.

In this scene...visualize if you will, that they are running in slow-mo...and now let's zoom in even closer and you can only imagine the full on bounce effect that takes over the screen. It was at this moment that BW said..."I think her boobs are Decepticons". I think he might be right.

Now in chatting with a few younger guys I know that have seen this movie...none of them saw any problem with how Megan was presented in this film. In fact, to quote Stinky, "Megan Fox is hot.". (I'm just so proud. He's so...articulate and quote worthy. I'm sure all the major publications will be after him for his succinct and deep thoughts.)


  1. #1-Great reivew, as always.
    #2-If Caity tells you I was teary-eyed during the scene with Optimus in the woods, SHE IS LYING!
    #3-Never thought I'd say this, but Stinky is right.

  2. This is a movie that most likely I'll never see. My grandson can't stop talking about it. Yes, he's only seven and I can't explain why he was allowed to see it. I love Anonymous's comment, especially #2.

  3. Donna,

    That comment was from my son-in-law who is one of the world's biggest Transformers fans. And I think, Optimus Prime (the very cool good guy robot) is his hero (after his dad).

  4. All I have to say is that I totally cried during the scene with Optimus in the woods. It's ok to admit it! Hehe...Kelly

  5. To be fair to Stinky, I said the same thing he did when you complained about Megan.